The road ahead.

TGP is a build thread. Here’s what we’re building this year.

We’re going to do a single printed issue—The Gearhead Project: Volume 1.

We’re going to build as much of it as possible right here, out in the open, on TGP. So if you’re a cheap bastard (or so strapped you can’t save US$40-$50 for this thing between now and summer-ish), you should do alright if you subscribe and follow along—especially if you speak up and get involved.

The Super Issue is already shaping up to be somewhere between 160-200 pages. It’s going to be a full-color, super-nice journal-type thing that…

…shows how gearheads like us are modifying their lives.
…explores the obstacles that stood (and still stand) in their way.
..explains how they got (and are getting) over them.
…shows how they’ve fit their side hustles into real life.
…shows what success looks like (before the big time).
…helps people take those first steps to get started.

We’ve all seen the upside. Now we’re going to see the downsides—and the good news is, we’re going to see it’s not that bad. In fact, I think we’re going to find this kind of success is so exciting, no amount of hard work will keep us away.

This isn’t for everybody, but it’s what gearheads like us do.

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  1. Gonna be the best “build threads” yet…the human side. The important side.

    • It’s gonna be somethin’, that’s for sure.

      Go big or go home.

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