How fatalist.

While it’s certainly true there’s no escaping death and taxes—unless you’re living that 0.01%, “job creator” lifestyle—it’s a damn pessimistic outlook on life. Even said in jest, you’re kinda reinforcing the idea in your mind, ya know?

We’re all gonna die. And unless you were born on a log floating in international waters or something, somebody out there is going to obligate you to funding their vision of the future.

Don’t let those finalities delay you from living your best possible life today.


Even on Tax Day.

I recently saw someone mention there comes in a time in our lives where we stop thinking about what COULD be and instead switch to thinking about what will LIKELY be.

Thoughts > Words > Actions > Habits > Character > Destiny.

Instead of “death & taxes”, try thinking about “life & progress”.

We can’t change the world overnight—but we CAN funking change it. Maybe not all of it. And maybe not in our lifetimes, but we can start doing things that matter to us, with people who mean something to us, and collectively live better lives together.

The Gearhead Project is a community/association of gearheads helping each other build better lives.

We got no time for death & taxes thinking. We got shit to do.

Join us.

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