Where is my mind.

More dreams. Airplanes this time.

So I had this dream where I was somehow involved in a podcast I didn’t recognize. The people in the room were meh. It felt like a bank lobby. But I feel like the podcast itself was alright.

Next thing I know, somebody’s telling me the pro-tip for installing an engine in a NL Pajero is shaving a little bit off the fan blades before lowering the whole thing into the engine bay. I blink and dude’s used a pocket knife to pretty much hack all the fins off the radiator fan, rendering Fezzik undrivable.

I’m losing my shit, naturally. To the point where I’m literally walking away.

“That’s it! I’m done!” I hear myself saying.

And that’s when I see the airplanes.

Off in the distance, over the houses and trees, I see an old-timey biplane climbing into the sky. There’s a monoplane right behind it. And two more come into view immediately following.

It’s an airshow. I love airshows.

Everything else disappears. I’m just standing there watching the airplanes. They’re far enough away to be barely distinguishable for what they are—biplanes vs. monoplanes, etc.—but I’m doing what I’ve done every single time I’ve seen what amounts to the start of an airshow since I was in sixth grade—I’m standing there watching, mesmerized.

Whenever I have vivid dreams, I find myself googling “dream dictionary” to see if there’s any subconscious lesson to be learned. This one proved interesting to say the least…

Dream About Airplane Taking Off
If the airplane is taking off and climbing into the sky, it suggests that you are experiencing a “lift off” for your ideas or plans. Perhaps after months of preparation and planning, you are finally to launch your project or business.

It should also be noted that the airplane take off process is one of the most dangerous situations, you must take all the factors into consideration such as your life depends on it. Be on a close look up for any early signs of error or malfunction for any potential problems or fatal accidents.

However, if the main focus of the dream airplane taking off process is that you observing the ground down below. It represents your need to get away from escape from your daily life. source

Ain’t that the truth.

The podcast is what the podcast is—currently, about three months behind schedule, but being remedied very soon. Fezzik is what Fezzik is—easily two week’s worth of 1-hour jobs, but they can all wait. Two things matter right now. #1 is V. #2 is the super issue. Everything else takes a back seat.

Nine years of Gearbox Magazine and six months into The Gearhead Project, I’m ready for takeoff. We’re wrapping up pre-flight right now, life has been turned upside-down, and we’re just gonna send it.

You’ve met me at a very strange time in my life. (NSFW because Fight Club)

Until tomorrow, keep your feet on the air and head on the ground.

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