Do the work.

What’s it take to be successful?

I’m reminded of the scene in the original The Fast and The Furious where Brian, Dom, and Vince sneak into Johnny Tran’s shop to check out their setups before Race Wars. None of the cars have engines, and Dom says, “What are they planning on racing with, hopes and dreams?”

It could be argued, if they were looking to put Nissan SR20s in their Hondas two weeks before the big race—maybe they were—but that’s beside the point. It’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock ‘n’ roll. You can’t just sit there and wait for the easy solution.

By the time it’s easy, everyone and their mum is doing it—and supply and demand takes over.

Remember when guys would post up on the board asking how to do obscure engine swaps? Assuming they weren’t complete assholes about it, somewhere between the flames and ridicule, a generous OG would calmly point out “Somebody’s gotta do it first. Might as well be you.”

We change our lives by doing the work.

I’ve got a real problem with follow through when it seems like nobody cares about what I’m doing. Well, nobody’s going to care until I start sharing results that funking matter.

Results that funking matter don’t happen if you don’t do the work. The hard, scary, this-thing-might-never-run-again work.

Step 1: Disconnect the battery and safely raise and support the vehicle on jack stands…

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