Struggle pieces

There have been a couple times this year where I’ve sat down to write something, struggled with saying what I wanted to say, and the damn thing turned out better than I could have imagined.

You might say these “struggle pieces” were some of my best works.

What’s interesting is I couldn’t tell you any of those pieces by name—but I still feel myself sitting at the keyboard, looking at the words on the screen, and feeling like, “Wow. This turned out surprisingly good.”

I don’t know how this happens—but it’s happened.

Is it a fundamentally good idea and the lack of conscious clarity allows my subconscious better access to my fingertips on the keyboard? Is it forcing myself to face the challenge and grind on the struggle a bit that drives a breakthrough?

Like I said. I don’t know how it happens. And I feel like there’s a corollary on this reminding us there are times when this kind of feelings are red flags warning us we’re wasting time or something, but I guess if you know the underlying idea needs to get out there, it’s worth pressing on.

There’s a whole lotta noise and redline. You can only push so far without risk of breaking something. And yet, even then, a little heel-toe, a flick of the wrist, and you’re in the next gear, going even faster.

Never give up. Press on regardless. Goonies never say die.

There’s something better on the other side of motivation.

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