The absence of nationality.

Tim, of Dirt Sunrise, met a random, old guy with an old Toyota of some sort. They talked cars for a few minutes before parting ways

Just a couple gearheads, and a quick, no-big-deal, curbside car chat.

Happens all the time.

You know the conversation.

But imagine driving a couple months into Central America and having that chat in Lolwut, Guatemala.

I wish everyone in the world could experience how it feels to connect with a stranger on the other side of the world and realize, “Holy shit. They are just like me.”

Find DeGoose. Follow the Dirt Sunrise.

It’s good stuff.

And a shout out to my MFF, MLR, and UK family.

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  1. Thanks amigo. I cherish these small interactions as if feels like the most real and present moments of the trip. ✌️

    • De nada, hermano.

      I can only imagine the experience of such a lengthy adventure with the one you love, in a machine you’ve build with your own hands, one stunning vista after another, punctuated by best humanity has to offer.

      Press on.

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