(This is still a work in progress.)

I’ve been working with Scott G to nail down a simple value proposition. Something like…

We’re a [ 1 ] that helps [ 2 ] get [ 3 ] so they can get [ 4 ].

Example: We’re a magazine that helps racers find sponsors so they can win more races.

It sounds simple enough, but here’s where things fall apart for me, the founder of this thing—and guy generally responsible for establishing the vision and knowing this kind of stuff.

We’re a…

1. community / resource / anarcho-syndicalist commune

That helps…

2. gearheads / people / each other


3. ideas / insights / connections / knowledge / opportunities

So they can…

4. have more fun / make more money / live better / modify their lives

The closest I’ve been able to get so far is this:

We’re a community of people—gearheads and their friends—who help each other explore ideas, figure things out, discover opportunities, take action, and dissolve the line between work and life, so we can—all of us—stop counting the days until the next weekend or vacation.

There’s a method to the madness and once I get a few more pieces in place, we’ll explain how it works, but for now, this is the working premise.


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