The first two-time guest on the podcast!

Driving into an unknown future.

He did something crazy, something nobody in their right mind would do—he spent days driving a small car across Japan on B-roads.

Wait. That doesn’t sound crazy at all.

But when you think about it through the lens of leaving a horrible job in a still largely new-to-you country on the far side of the planet, relocating to another job in that same country, a country where most people would never do such a thing (they’d take the expressway, considering the tolls fair trade for cutting the drive in half), it starts to make sense.

And then, several years later, he returned to the island nation home of so many wonderful machines to do it again.


You can take in some of the details and lots of pictures over on Nostalgic JDM—start with Part 1—but I think it’s better to hear road trip stories in the teller’s voice. And while we didn’t even scratch the surface of what took place on those two adventures, we certainly dove deep into a handful of truly memorable experiences David had along the way.

Consider this a call to start planning your next road trip. And to consider it a reminder that, as we all damn well know, road trips are more than just driving from A to B. They’re adventures.

And they’re as remarkable and meaningful as we make them.

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