Most outstanding.

One of the most outstanding things about about this podcast so far is how incredibly remarkable everyone seems to be. I find myself wrapping these calls, generally WAY too late on a weeknight, absolutely pumped at how awesome gearheads—and friends—like us are.

Take Berry Lowman for example.

I’ve known this cat since BEFORE GBXM. That’s a full decade.

We’ve hung out on Twitter, debated the odd topic or two, and generally stayed on each other’s radars—FOR 10 YEARS—and this was the first time we actually spoke.

Let me put it another way.

I’ve spent as much as an hour talking to guests before hitting the record button. And I’ve spent almost TWO hours talking to some of them afterward. Berry and I hung out for three straight hours the night of this call.


Let me tell you what I could tell you about Berry Lowman before we spoke.

  • He lives in Texas.
  • He races Chevys.
  • He drives new Fords.
  • He started Motorama Live.

Ah, Motorama LIVE. Those were the days, right?

Have you ever gone to a car show, walked up to a fellow owner, and tried to strike up a conversation—only to feel like the owner had zero interest in talking to people about his vehicle?

Berry’s the opposite of that. I might be talking out of school, here, but having spent three hours talking to Berry the other night, I feel like, if you walked up to him and asked him about his car, not only would he drop everything to answer your question, I bet he’d walk over to your car and see how you did things.

He’s the kind of gearhead you want to hang out with.

You can stream this episode of The Gearhead Project here, and download via your favorite podcast app.

Note: The audio may not reflect the correct episode number or link. Brian lost count of episodes so we had to re-number them. 


  • Berry’s Open Road Racing activities (like rally, but simpler)
  • How he and the crew made Motorama LIVE a hit
  • The hustle required to make it all possible.

And I even talk to myself a bit when Berry’s phone dies mid-conversation. I could have edited it out, but we keep it real ‘round these parts, so I left it in (lest anyone think you have to be some kind of professional radio personality to do a podcast).

You can find Berry at & the Motorama LIVE Facebook page, among others.

PS: The world needs to hear more stories of cool gearheads like us. Please do us a kindness and share this episode? Thank you.

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  1. My son Berry Lowman. Yep he is a talker and a very interesting person to talk with about motorsports. His interest began when he was just a young boy when he went to the outboard boat races with his mother and myself. He as met lots of really great racer’s since those days and he truly is a racing competitor at heart. He is also one of the best at holding his speed while which is required to hold his times nearest to a hundreth of a second as he closes on the finish line. He has done this several times in several different cars so it is not a fluke. Give him good notes and he will make it work. Proud Father

    • Thanks for stopping by, sir. We appreciate the insights.

      I truly enjoyed my time with Berry and hope we get to cross paths in the real world sooner than later.

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