This one is special.

When I joined my first car forum as a know-nothing no0b—back in 2001—Jeff Lichtfuss was already a moderator. Everyone on 2GNT remembers his red, first gen Talon. And how he was often spotted incahoots with Matt Prim, who had a silver one.

About the time I was meeting my eventual wife, about 12 years ago or so, Jeff packed up and moved to LA. I ran into him, randomly, in Las Vegas casino, when my wife and I were celebrating our first wedding anniversary.

We’ve crossed paths here and there over the years. He launched a professional studio and did cool stuff like music videos for Linkin Park and Kanye West. You might say he was living the dream.

What you’re about to hear is a story of ambition, persistence, and family beyond blood.

And it all starts with a gearhead like us arriving in Los Angeles with everything he owns loaded up in a car—only to discover his family forgot he was coming and he has no place to stay.

Jeff didn’t go home.

Welcome to The Gearhead Project.

Note: The audio may not reflect the correct episode number or link. Brian lost count of episodes so we had to re-number them. 

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