Mitsubishis to M3s

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I’ve known Greg for nearly 20 years now. (Holy shit, Greg!) When we first met, he had one of the cleanest turbocharged 2GNT DSMs on It made respectable power, too.

When the Evo finally made it to North America, Greg was one of the first to buy. He sold his Eclipse and bought himself a gorgeous, French Blue Lancer Evolution VII.

He was soon tracking this beautiful saloon all over the midwest, ticking off very respectable quarter-mile ETs and road course track records for his class in NASA Time Trials racing. The car had a bolt-in cage, and relatively mild modifications compared to today’s every-Evo-makes-800awhp-or-nobody-cares.


Several years automotive bullshitting with Greg in person and online revealed he’d raced motorcycles competitively when he was younger, only retiring when he reached “go faster or die trying” status. To say he’s a wheelman would be an understatement. The man can drive.

He ended up selling the Evo and buying a basket case Galant VR4. And then he bought a neglected 1G DSM shell, restoring it to within an inch of its original glory. And then he bought an old Starion project.


Next thing we know, Greg’s rolling the Ultimate Driving machine, an E46 BMW M3.

He did it up right, too, putting in the time and patience to find a well-maintained specimen that delivered on all its promises. When I ran into him at the DSM Shootout in Norwalk, Ohio, in August of 2017, and asked him how he liked it (because, if we’re honest, most of us would probably love to have a clean M3 in the garage), he didn’t skip a beat.

“I love it. I’m gonna drive this thing ‘til the wheels fall off. And then I’m gonna get another. And then I’m gonna get another. And another. And another.”

And then he put his money where his mouth is.

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