Wanna talk helicopters?

You took a chance with me. I know you did because you told me how you spent the night before my interview trying to figure out how you’d tell your #1 employee you couldn’t hire the guy he recommended because he/I had no relevant data center experience on his resume.

You told me that story shortly after I’d won Employee of the Quarter for the western half of the country. After something like 90 days on the job. After your boss gave you kudos for making a solid hire.

We had some good times in that NOC. We had some real shitty times, too, but you were always quick with a compliment, generous with thanks, and above and beyond when it came to taking care of your team.

I mean it when I say that, if they hadn’t laid you off, I might still be working there alongside Patrick “What’s Happenin’” Grande. My loyalty left the building with you and John.

I hope you get a helicopter one day. Preferably something high performance.

Thank you.

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