We had a good run.

We didn’t always agree. And I know I was a real bastard there toward the end. Sorry.

But you know what, to this day I still look back on our agile workflows with pride. I’ve worked with some agile mofos in the years since Apollo Group—but I’ll be damned if anybody’s done it half as good as we did in ALPD Knowledge Management.

Seriously. Story points. So much power. So often squandered.

I’ve caught bits and pieces of your life since Apollo. If those moments don’t make me smile at there still being good in the world, they make me think.

You’re one of those people I wish I could get together with on a regular basis to talk about things like philosophy, sociology, the arts, and business. We should make that happen one of these days.

In any case, thank you for pulling to get me on your team back in the day. It was time well-spent.

Wishing you and yours all the best, my friend.

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