How do you find your own stuff?

There’s over 800 posts published on GBXM. And, before I accidentally nuked, there were another couple hundred over there, too. Before those sites, I had a personal blog at with several hundred more—and let’s not forget the 30,000+ posts I’ve got across a handful of automotive forums.

I have no idea how to catalog all that and make it searchable.

Over the weekend, I replied to an email newsletter I got from Paul Jarvis. He replied within 30 minutes.

He replied to a relative nobody on his list of tens of thousands of other subscribers—and he linked me to something else he wrote many, many years prior that spoke to the day’s piece and my response to it.

I will always reply to legit folks who reply to TGP emails—but I really want to reference the body of work to help wherever possible.

How am I even supposed to remember all I’ve done, let alone find it so I can share it with people?

Seriously. I’m trying to figure this out. If you’ve got any ideas, I’d really like to hear them.


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