“Life shrinks in proportion to one’s courage.”

I’ve started reading Tribe of Mentors.

It’s by Tim Ferris.

Admittedly, I’ve never really been a fan, but I’ve always respected his style. He’s focused on efficiency, experimentation, and cutting through society’s self-imposed bullshit to live life on his own terms.

I’ve had this book on my nightstand for months and only recently cracked it open.

It’s over 500 pages long—but it’s filled with dozens of three- or four-page Q&As with successful people around the world. There’s no excuse for me NOT to read this thing.

(The parallels to how I started GBXM by asking everyone the same questions is not lost on me. I only wish I had been asking better questions. Who knows. Maybe I’ll revisit that collection one day.)

Anyway, before even finishing the 20-page introduction, I found something worth underlining.

Ferris mentions having a piece of driftwood on his coffee table displaying a quote from someone I’ll have to look up sooner than later, I suppose, Anaïs Nin, that reads, “Life shrinks in proportion to one’s courage.”

Ferris explains, “It’s a short reminder that success can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations we are willing to have, and by the number uncomfortable actions we are willing to take.”

I’m barely 40 pages into this one and it’s already reminding me I’m not crazy.

15-minutes-a-day gearhead book club?


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