Cautiously optimistic.

Today, I’m off on a mountain ridge somewhere in central Arizona with my daughter.

Admittedly, I’m a little nervous.

It’s one thing to go camping with the guys.

You bring something to drink. You bring something to smoke. You burn something to eat and it’s delicious. Then you sit around the fire until the wee hours talking about whatever.

It’s something else to go camping with a 6-year old girl.

I need to make sure we have stuff SHE can drink. (She doesn’t smoke, obviously.) She doesn’t like charred meats (yet), so I’ll be making mac & cheese on the 40-year old Coleman stove I got from MY dad’s kit.

We’re going to play with fire and glow sticks and sleep in the back of the Montero on about a foot of various bedding materials to make sure we’re warm and comfy.

With three, giant, stuffed buddies—Bear the Bear, Monkford the Gorilla, and Daddy HooHoo the owl.

And we’ll be home in time for lunch tomorrow.

I hope she has a good time.

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