Literally wrote the book.

Somewhere along the way, I found myself reading a blog about branding and social media written by a french dude with a chihuahua. I quickly learned said dude was ex-military, spoke from direct, hands-on experience (that didn’t always go either the way he wanted—or needed—it to go), and led most of his online bios with “Pray I don’t become your competitor’s secret weapon.”

How do you say “badass” in French?

Long story short, this Olivier—aka: The Brand Builder—is one of those self-taught, self-made people who built a reputation for taking a no-nonsense approach to solving problems. He literally wrote the book on Social Media ROI.

You’re a legend in my book, sir. You encouraged and mentored me in the comments section of your old blog. I bought the book and learned the fundamentals of social media ROI. It’s proven one of the most important lessons of my professional career.

Because it goes beyond social media.

Understanding how ROI works, and being able to see where we personally, directly impact that calculation, is a relative superpower in a culture racing headlong into commoditized, also-ran, me-too, bullshit.

You gave me the power to say, “I impact the bottom line. Ask me to prove it. I funking dare you.”

Thank you.

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