I almost didn’t reach out.

We worked in the same department, in the same office, for, like, three years—and we never really got to know each other. Sure, we knew everyone else (a couple of whom made this list), but I only really ever knew you as that spunky, creative chick on the design team with the blue Tacoma.

So six years later, when LinkedIn showed me you worked at this LeadMD place with the crazy awesome content marketing job that had me practically shaking with excitement, I hesitated for a moment before messaging you through the app about it.

I don’t remember what I said, but I remember not knowing what to say. I couldn’t ask for a referral, since we hadn’t worked close enough or kept in touch well enough to warrant such a thing, but I wanted that job so bad I just clicked the button and made some small talk.

Next thing I know, I’m having a coughing fit in the conference room, interviewing with you and… OMG, I can’t remember—Stacy? Jamie? Couldn’t be Andrea. She always scared me. Shit. I am disappoint.

Anyway, you’re awesome. You’re one of the hardest working people I’ve ever met. And you deserve every ounce of success you’ve got—and then some.

I hope da UP is treatin’ you well up dere, Tashie.

Much love and respect.

Thank you.

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