Sonic a la Blazer

We have been through some shit together, have we not? Damn.

From my first real, actual stage rally—which was only your second—to wedding proposals at turnaround stages, ceremonies in Vegas, and receptions in the LBC—we’ve done it all.

We’ve kept things smooth. We haven’t lifted. We’ve surprised better funded teams with twice the horsepower and inspired those with less on all fronts. We’ve earned those trophies on the wall. And we’ve slept on floors, futons, and fine linens along the way.

I’ve literally spent days of my life sitting in dirt parking lots waiting for you to arrive so I can fix your filthy, busted, Dodge Neon—which is almost always filthy, but really only broke that one time in Laughlin.

I’ve spent still more days standing out in the middle of literally nowhere blocking a road—or setting up high speed chicanery with barrels—in support of your events. It’s not always easy, but it’s easier than delivering lunch to the 100+ people doing likewise—which you guys always do.

We have so much in common. We are so incredibly different. And we are truly family.

Thank you.

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