Reflect, then explore.

2018 found me thinking a lot about work-life parallel and what it means. Exploring ideas like podcasting, intention/moments/product, program development & event organization, membership programs & revenue models, and even consulting & coaching, have got me even closer to where I want to be.

Work & Life Parallel > Work-Life Balance.

Friendly advice for anyone in the audience who reads this one and thinks it sounds a bit corporate. One of the most powerful things you can to do improve your life is figure out how to talk about the stuff you’ve been doing for years—for fun—in business terms. It will open doors for you. Big doors.

Podcasting has been a real inspiration.

The initial goal was one person per week. Fear and loathing (and new tech and workflows) slowed my roll early on, leading to a revised goal of one every other week. Much to my surprise, I knocked out 31 episodes. I’m looking forward to making them better—without making them more complicated.

Matching moments to intentions moves product.

Magazines were how we killed time before we had the internet in our pockets. The content was generalized for mass appeal. That doesn’t work when we expect immediate specificity. The art of getting what people need in front of them when they want it is crazy interesting.

I enjoy program development & event organization.

Next Level Gearhead Summer (NLGS18) was too big, too complex. But people who saw any of it agree it had a lot to offer. There’s a nice opportunity to cherry pick activities here and there and offer them to subscribers; fun ways to level up.

I need to work on my membership program & revenue models.

I hate it when people pull free stuff behind a paywall to make money. Better to keep it all free and provide something above and beyond for those willing to invest in the dream—but how do I go above and beyond? Audience growth and impostor syndrome are awful bedfellows.

I should be consulting & coaching.

I don’t EVER want to be a “life coach”. Funk that. But I DO want to share anything and everything I’ve learned over the years with anyone who sincerely wants to chase work-life parallel with me. The hardest part is getting started. And I know I can help with that.

How about you? What ideas did you explore this year?

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