This happened twice.

The first time was weekend before last. I was making a late afternoon Rockstar run after a morning at the pumpkin patch. I was fading fast, and found myself frustrated at having 99 things on my todo list and something always getting in the way of progress.

I don’t listen to regular radio anymore because it’s all payola and crap ads, so I threw on Pandora.

Not sure what happened, but this woman starts singing through my speakers…

“Hey, asshole. See the sun is shining. But you are not smiling. And I don’t know why.”

Wait, what? I laughed, thinking, “I AM an asshole. BECAUSE the sun is shining.”

The song continued…

“I’m an asshole. Because the sun is shining. But I am not smiling. And I don’t know why.”


Then this dude, George Watsky, starts talking.

“I know I’m often told, that there’s a pot of gold, but I don’t see no funking rainbow and my coffee’s cold.

I know I should be grateful. I know I’m good and able, but I don’t have the strength to get up from the kitchen table.

This kind of shot comes once—another opportunity of a lifetime just slipped away—and that’s the fifth this month.

But when you take a punch, don’t you ever forget—why you get up and you put one foot in front of the next!”

Wow. Thanks, Pandora. Thanks, Universe.

I needed that.

But it gets better. I listen to podcasts Monday through Thursday during my commute. Come Thursday night, I’m leaving the office in a very sour mood. I don’t feel like filling my mind with positive, inspiring knowledge. I’m feeling more DevilDriver, Lamb Of God, and Hatebreed.

So I fire up Pandora instead of Dog Catcher (my podcast app).

And there she was again.

“Hey, Asshole. See the sun is shining. But you are not smiling. And I don’t know why.”

And I don’t know why.

And I don’t know why.

I still sulked home in a blaze of angry, death metal glory that night—but this song has been popping into my head almost hourly ever since.

And it’s helped.

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