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The Gearhead Project is starting with some friends and I exploring a few things. Yesterday, I made a couple interesting discoveries, thanks to conversations with a couple solid gearheads like us.

First, Josh at ADD and I were talking DIY over BBQ after work.

Many of us learned to turn our own wrenches out of necessity—we couldn’t afford to pay others. Over time, we gained knowledge, experience, confidence. We came to associate our abilities with expertise.

Years later, we still feel compelled to do it ourselves—even when we don’t want to. Why would I pay someone $300 to install a $100 oxygen sensor, right?

Uh, because my time is better used on other things.

Next, I had Ruston S on the podcast after the kid went to bed.

The arrival of counterculture is a clear signal we’ve got a fad on our hands. That is, once the memes start circulating, mocking the scene, we know we’re neck deep in personal branding hype.

What’s interesting, though, is thinking about why some people get so butt-hurt by that.

Society points at a $40,000 SUV with $40,000 worth of accessories mounted that’s clearly never been anywhere without 4G data coverage and says, “Overlanders are just hard parking sycophants with lift kits, refrigerators, and roof top tents.”

Who gets upset about that? Could it be those who built elaborate expedition rigs that spend more time showing off than getting lost?

We agreed there’s probably more to it than that, but it’s a solid theory.

What do you think? You’re always welcome to join the conversation.

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