Ah, bunting.

We took a taxi from Heathrow, direct to a local Mitsubishi dealer. There, we collected a brand new, 6-speed, turbodiesel ASX that hadn’t even had its first oil change yet, and set off for Delepre Abbey.

I’d never driven a RHD vehicle before. Let alone on the “wrong” side of the road. In another country. On the other side of the planet. After being awake something like 36 hours straight. But I did it. And you helped!

You took us in. You told us to take a nap. And then you made us mutton stew from scratch. Cat and Andy, you were family from the moment we met you.

I’ve been telling anyone and everyone who will listen to invest in travel, to get off the continent and meet the people they know in other countries. Because it will change their lives.

I’m basically trying to help as many people as I can feel like how you made us feel.

I can’t believe it’s been six years since we’ve seen you.

As soon as we can get back. As often as we can get back.

Thank you.

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