Kids. Grownups. Friends.

Once upon a time, I met a sweet little girl. She was six. She was my best friend’s daughter.

She grew up and met a boy who was into cars. He had a dumpy, lowered Audi. We were mildly concerned.

But he proved himself a good guy. A true gearhead, willing to work hard, learn the ropes, and pay his dues. Today he drives a rugged—reliable—Toyota Tacoma. 4WD, of course.

As I watched that little girl walk down the aisle just before sunset, I thought, “She’s all grown up now. She looks like a princess—and I know he’ll treat her like a queen.”

And in that moment, I thought about my own little girl, who was almost six herself that day.

No doubt you two “kids” have learned much from us, the “grownups” in your lives. But we have learned much from you, too.

We’ll always be “kids” and “grownups” at some level, but I love that we’re equals and friends now.

Thank you for helping ME grow up, too.

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