The TGP Team

Thank you for stepping up. Thank you for the incredible compliment you’ve given me in the generous sharing of your time and energy. It means a lot.

And it keeps me motivated. There are thousands of voices out there telling us we need to advertise, we need an amplification strategy, we need to kiss all kinds of influencer ass to have any chance of being something big.

I believe that if we ignore all that hype and focus on doing stuff that matters—to us as much as our friends in the audience—we will scale this thing to whatever size it needs to be to make a difference.

It’s hard showing up every day and doing something when it seems nobody’s listening or cares. But knowing I have you three, legit dudes showing up and putting your name on this thing too is a shot in the arm and a kick in the ass.

I’m not going to let you down.

So thank you for being my team, the people who make it count.

You come first.

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