It’s like commuting with friends.

Seriously. I listen to a dozen different podcasts these days. More than a couple are hosted by good people I know and respect—but having you two in the truck for the drive to or from work just feels really good. It’s like catching up with friends at the start of an epic road trip.

AOT is the right mix of project car updates, scale model craftsmanship, and automotive pop culture shenanigans all rolled into one. I cannot believe no one died getting Brad’s transmission down. Those moments where my own acceleration synced with the WRX—MAGIC.

(It’s been so long since I’ve had a car with an exhaust, let alone a turbocharged car. Episode in the GVR4, please. And the Talon. And once more around the park in the Colt before winter, please, Brad.)

You regularly—regularly—get me talking to you guys in the truck. I’m like the stereotypical movie audience. “DON’T GO IN THERE!” Haha. The show has been a real treat from beginning to end.

“Spaghetti” (or is it “SP GTI”?) stories make me feel a love for rally I’ve not felt in years. That one where Brad went down and saved Kelly’s Colt really tugged at the old heart strings. The deep dive into wheel design, manufacturing, and terminology was incredibly enlightening.

Keep your cars analog and aim for the roses. That truly sums up everything, doesn’t it?

Listening to you guys inspired me to launch the TGP podcast—which inspired me to launch this site.

Keep going fast with class and press on regardless, my friends.

Thank you.

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  1. Agreed on all counts. Love being able to ride along with these two gearheads. And LOL: I talk to them as well.

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