I’m down with OPP.

(Yeah, you know me.)

Eight years ago, I discovered an alternative to new year’s resolutions. It’s simple: come up with three words that remind you what you want to get out of the year ahead—and think about them every day.

Here’s the three words I’ve used in the past.

2012: Responsibility, Action, Freedom
2013: Support, Drive, Print
2014: Print, Process, Non-Profit
2015: [ Oops I Forgot ]
2016: Intent, Action, Mindful
2017: Time, Health, Example
2018: Eat Less, Do More, Stay Up

I am pleased to say I did, in fact, eat less, do more, and stay up, in 2018.

I lost over 20 pounds without any formal diet or exercise programming. I spent much of the summer months squeezing in side hustle work between 9PM and 6AM. Progress was made—but there is always room for improvement.

2019: Organization – Purpose – Profit

Organization – Being a freewheeling ideas guy is useless if I can’t get those widdle piddies to market. I’ll be baking ritual and structure into my workflows so I can stay organized, on-task, and on-target.

Purpose – Talk is cheap. Beating around the bush, Jack Handey-style, isn’t getting me very far. It’s time to go direct in pursuit of results that funking matter. #RTFM

Profit – We are paid in direct proportion to the problems we solve. I want to solve problems bigger than what to read while bored. I hear they pay much better.

What are your three words for 2019? Or your resolutions?

Anything I could help you with?

Happy New Year, everybody. The best is yet to come.

And I’m looking forward…

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