My OG DSM family.

I could spend the entire month thanking my 2GNT brothers and sisters by name—and still not mention everyone—so I’m just going to thank everyone at once.

There were other forums, but 2GNT made me who I am today. We didn’t have the gratuitous aftermarket support of the 4G63 crowd. We had to work harder. We had to prove ourselves to the greater DSM community.

And today, when so many legacy owners are bemoaning the Eclipse Cross and Outlander Sport (not without their faults by any means), I’m proud to point out 9 out of 10 DSMs seen on the roads today—assuming anyone is still seeing more than 10 a month—are 2GNTs.

When everyone else had their choice of a dozen vendors offering the popular bolt-on du jour, we had to figure things out ourselves. We remain the underdogs, the unsung heroes—and the people who subsidized the less than 10% of all DSMs sold that came with a cute little 14B or T25.

You guys welcomed me, showed me the ropes, kept me humble, and stood by me in some of the darkest days of my life. And while we might not hang out as often as we used to, while our lives may have become far more complicated than we could have ever imagined, we remain family.

Dino, Juan, Thura, Clay, Cas, Haz, Andrew, Greg, Glenn, Jeff, Matt, Todd, Terry, The 1 Bill, Bill Hahn Jr., Kulaga, Thom, Matt D, Matt D, Kaptain Myke, Bryden, Bucknutty, DJtrickee, turby, Uber, and anyone else I can’t recall off the top of my head after all these years.

I cut my teeth on 2GNT DSMs. You guys taught me just about everything I know about turning wrenches. There have been others who have built on the foundation laid by 2GNT—and they know who they are—but 2GNT made it all possible.

Keep going fast with class, fam. Thank you.

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