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Strategic Calendaring 2: Basic Scoring

My to-do list is too big for my brain to handle. I've got to get it out of my head and into my calendar.
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Brain Dumping to Strategic Calendaring

There's so much I want to do. I can't seem to get it done. My to-do list keeps growing and I feel busier than ever, but I'm not getting nearly as much done as I'd like.
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Week One Edition: Making My Connections

This was supposed to be a single post before the week started, but it got away from me.
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I’m still taxiing to the gate.

I'm still taxiing to the gate, with my seatback and tray table in the upright-and-locked positions, but I know I'm gonna be okay.
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30 Days Later: Flying Home from Home

We flew home from home within a month of leaving home for our new home. Oh yeah, and I found out I have a half-brother. Maybe two. Wait, what?
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Everywhere I go. There I am.

Everywhere I go, there I am. The only constant in my life is me, so it's up to me to make the most of my life. Damn my ADHD. LOLWUT.
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My Move to Iowa City: 65,000 Words (in pictures)

A picture is worth 1,000 words. Here's 65 pictures of my move to Iowa City in the last 60 days. What an adventure!
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Reinventing Yourself (without forgetting who you are)

Big moves force us to deal with our baggage, literally and figuratively. It's a chance to reinvent yourself—but don't forget who you are!
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The 5 S’s of Japanese Business – applied to Overlanding? (Part 2)

This time around, we'll look at the last three S's of Japanese business, and see how they apply to your next trip?
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Reinventing Yourself When Everything’s a Remix

It's hard reinventing yourself when everything's a remix. And you're preoccupied with a cross-country move.
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Everything’s Falling Into Place

I'm right where I should be. The tides of life all led me here and that’s why I’m not scared. I know the answer will appear. Because I've merged my intentions with the Universe like Finn did inThe Comet.
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5S: A Place For Everything and Everything In Its Place (pt.1)

5S: This Japanese business concept fits nicely when packing a vehicle for overland travel.
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Everything is fine. I'm just running out of time. Gotta get tires mounted, and sell the house, and find a house, and move—in the next 80 days.
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Ticking Boxes before Packing Boxes

The trip is the most important thing. But if you can't leave RIGHT NOW, then getting ready is still fun right?
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Niceties, Necessities, and Nomads

When we went camping "followers" were the buddies in your rearview mirror.
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